Bloody Sunday - Truth and Lies


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Bloody Sunday Commemoration Programme 2008 - hosted by

The Poster

This year’s poster depicts a face comprised of 4 fragments: Rosemary Nelson, killed in 1999 by loyalists, Gerald Donaghey, killed on Bloody Sunday (1972), Joan Connolly, killed by the British Army, Ballymurphy, Belfast (1971), & Asil Asleh, killed by Israeli Police in 2000 October's Cry

Bloody Sunday Commemoration 2008

Monday 28 January

11.30am: Launch of the Bloody Sunday Black Ribbon

Venue: Mayor’s Parlour, Guildhall, Derry 

7.30pm: Panel discussion Truth Against Lies: A panel discussion exploring the damage systematic lies can inflict upon the political sphere. Over recent years, the British government has been involved in political “window dressing”, trying to sell the normalisation of the six counties to the nationalist community.

In reality, the draconian powers to detain, remand and intern are all still on the statute books. These were among the critical issues that brought marchers out onto the streets on Bloody Sunday thirty six years ago and compelled them to struggle on in the wake of Widgery’s whitewash in defence of truth as a fundamental prerequisite for real democracy and political activism.

This event will explore these issues as well as specific instances of continuing RUC/PSNI political policing, focusing in particular on the recent case of Sean Hoey which exposed how readily senior RUC/PSNI officers will resort to lying in order to frame those they suspect of republican sympathies.

Chaired by Paul O’Connor,

with speakers including:

Tony Catney, Former Republican Prisoner RNU,

Marian Price (32SCM) and Eamonn McCann

Organised by the Republican Network for Unity (RNU).

Venue: The Gasyard Centre, Lecky Road, Brandywell