Bloody Sunday - Truth and Lies


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Bloody Sunday Commemoration Programme 2008 - hosted by

The Poster

This year’s poster depicts a face comprised of 4 fragments: Rosemary Nelson, killed in 1999 by loyalists, Gerald Donaghey, killed on Bloody Sunday (1972), Joan Connolly, killed by the British Army, Ballymurphy, Belfast (1971), & Asil Asleh, killed by Israeli Police in 2000 October's Cry

Bloody Sunday Commemoration 2008

Thursday 31 January

7.30pm: Panel Discussion, Ways of Remembering

Around the world quilting has been used in areas of conflict to represent the experiences of ordinary people and especially women who have been disenfranchised and silenced.

Derry will this year host an international exhibition of over 20 quilts from around the world with the same number of quilts made in Ireland. It will be a unique opportunity to bear witness to the expression of cultural identity, and the survival of women from around the world.

In anticipation of this event and as a way of exploring the importance of representation and memory this panel event will hear from  representatives from: Relatives for Justice, Cunamh, WAVE and Chilean human rights lecturer Roberta Bacic.

Venue: Pilot’s Row, Rossville Street

9.00pm: BSWC Fundraiser Event, Sound Of An Underground

Premiere of the locally produced documentary looking at the history of cutting edge rebel music, followed by performances by some of those featured in the film. Eileen Webster, Joe Mulheron.

Venue: Sandinos, Water Street. Admission £3.00