Bloody Sunday - Truth and Lies


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Bloody Sunday Commemoration Programme 2008 - hosted by

The Poster

This year’s poster depicts a face comprised of 4 fragments: Rosemary Nelson, killed in 1999 by loyalists, Gerald Donaghey, killed on Bloody Sunday (1972), Joan Connolly, killed by the British Army, Ballymurphy, Belfast (1971), & Asil Asleh, killed by Israeli Police in 2000 October's Cry

Bloody Sunday Commemoration 2008

Tuesday 29 January

Creggan 60: Exhibition This extensive exhibition, devised by Café Creggan, charting the 60 years of Creggan’s history. On display in the Old Library Trust, Central Drive, from Tuesday 29 January until Sunday 3 February.

Venue: Old Library Trust, Central Drive, Creggan

8.00pm: Film Screening, Taking Liberties by Chris Atkin. An unflinching look at how New Labour has systematically eroded our basic civil liberties in the climate of fear generated by their foreign policy and ‘war on terror’.

Venue: The Nerve Centre, Admission £2.00